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Welcome to Tongue Tied. We strongly believe that the human condition relies heavily on a compendium of experiences. Those experiences construct the lens through which we view the world and those in it. Any hope of changing the status quo requires us to look at the world through a completely different lens than our own.

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Check out some of Eunice's two-dimensional work. 


The Japanese method of Raku firing is a prominent feature in Eunice's work. Her pieces exhibit both skills on the potters wheel but also as a sculpture. Enjoy!



Art has no boundaries. As a result Tongue Tied also branches out into the fashion world. We specialize in custom shoes and shirts. Check out some of our work and order your own!




   As an immigrant to the United States, the language barrier and my dark complexion have always been challenges. I live between those who believe they "understand" and those who don't even acknowledge my existence ( knowingly or out of ignorance). People feel they understand something, or someone and therefore are connected.

Arguably that need for connection, significance, and ultimately knowledge is never attainable. There is a miscomprehension of what the word "understand" means which has led to its commodification. People use the word to feel they can move on because they've gained something. I am not innocent of this practice. I used to believe that the moment I learned to speak English, I would no longer be an outsider. I would belong! People would "understand"  my experiences, my struggles, and dreams. I fell trap to the myth of understanding, this fluid and vast changing state of the human experience.

Understanding is a journey that never ends. My art allows me to look and feel the world in a different way. I tackle issues regarding race, femininity/masculinity, and perspective. Where words weren't sufficient my art has allowed me to translate what I have experienced, learned, and am still learning.  



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Beautifully damaged and it has never been clearer



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